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If winter was limited to snow, most people would look forward to it. Snow itself is soft and attractive, and there are people all over the world that wish for snow at least one point every winter, just so they can experience it. But snow is not the only part of winter. The other part – the more dangerous part – is ice. Every year, the temperatures cool and ice forms on walkways and driveways, leading to potentially dangerous situations.

Slipping is far too easy, and too much ice means that wheels cannot hold their grip, resulting in further dangers. Ice on the roads, on walkways, and on stairs, all represent a serious hazard, and you need someone that can come and fix these issues for you according to your schedule.

Salting Your Pathways

At Greenbloom, we offer one-time and recurring salting services over the course of the winter. Our experts will come to your home and lay environmentally friendly salt on your pathways, helping to melt the ice and provide you with more friction to reduce the chances of slipping. Salting is easily the quickest and most effective way to reduce the damage of ice this upcoming winter, and Greenbloom is happy to provide you with low cost, on -time salting services whenever you need them.

Call Greenbloom today to learn more about salting, as well as the rest of our snow removal services. We have been the leading provider of salting services for years, and are happy to provide you with any of your snow and ice removal needs.