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Snow Removal Equipment

Cleaning up your home after a winter snow can be difficult. It is a lot of physically exhausting work, taking the shovel and moving all of the snow by hand out of driveways and walkways. That is why you need to partner with a company that specializes in snow removal.

At Greenbloom, we offer snow removal services that are second to none, and one of the ways we’re able to offer that service is by owning some of the best available snow removal equipment including, but not limited to:


  • Snow Plows – We have snow plows in all shapes and sizes, able to reach the smallest areas or clean up nearly an entire street at once. These plows help make the job of removing snow not only faster, but much more efficient.
  • Snow Blowers – Snow blowers are more versatile than snow plows, and when in the hands of an expert technician these machines are a great way to remove fine amounts of snow from anywhere around your property.
  • Spreaders – Both machine and hand operated sand spreaders are a great way to put de-icing material on snow and ice and prevent it from hardening. It also gives you good friction to prevent slipping. There are machine operated de-icing spreaders that make it easy to reduce ice all over your property.

With Greenbloom, you get the benefits of this equipment in the hands of trained experts, ready to clear your home of snow and ice so that you can stay clear of snow this winter.