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Add Structure To Your Garden With Armour Stone

Armour stone is roughly cut, rectangular stone that is often used in landscaping in order to provide order to a garden or yard and enhance its esthetic appeal. These days, armour stone has been pretty much regulated to decorative uses; however, it has been in use for thousands of years as the material of choice for everything from homes to castles.

faThere is no limit to the number of ways that armour stone can be used to accentuate your garden or yard. That having been said, it is most typically used for paths, steps, retaining walls, raised flower beds and fountains. Armour stone refers only to the cut, a wide variety of different types of stone with different colors and textures can be used. Armour stone adds structure to an outdoor space while contributing to its natural look.

Paths And Stairs

Armour stones are fabulous for stone pathways and stairways. The fact that they are essentially large roughly shaped slabs of stone means that they can be set into position quite easily, without having to be mortared together.

Raised Flower Beds

Armour stone is perfect for building raised flower beds. They provide a very natural aesthetic and excellent drainage for the flowers.

Retaining Walls

The size and hardiness of these stones make them as perfect for retaining walls as they are for paths and stairs. The mass of armour stones lends them to handling the kind of stress that can be caused by large amounts of dirt, in particular, during rainy or snowy conditions. If installed correctly, your armour stone retaining wall should remain solidly in position for many many years.

Water Rockery

If a pond, stream bet or even waterfall play a part in your future landscaping plans then you should consider using armour stone. Their size will hold them and the dirt in position and their rough cut will help your new water feature blend naturally with the surrounding landscape.

One of the fantastic things about armour stone, and garden stone in general, is that their beauty is enhanced with the passing of time. As garden stones are exposed to the elements, they undergo weathering and moss will eventually take root and grow.

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