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2016 Fall & Winter Specials:

Package Starting from $200 Monthly

  • Fall clean up special, Buy one cleanup get extra visit of leaf cleanup in a discounted rate
  • Get 10 % off your fall cleanup when you sign for snow removal
  • Get 75 $  off all services when booking this year-round package.
  • Book your snow removal before Nov 15 and 10 % off your spring clean-up of 2016

Spring Special Offer includes:

  •  spring clean-up & fall clean-up
  •  2x aeration & seeding
  •  3x fertilizer
  •  weekly lawn maintenance (All-inclusive)
  •  Snow removal & salting

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Spring Clean upOnce between April 1 – 31

  •   Removal of dead branches, sticks and leaves left in the wake of winter.
  •   Removal of winter coverings from plants and shrubbery. ( if any were put on )
  •   Raking and cultivation of garden beds.
  •   Minor pruning of evergreens, hedges and shrubbery.
  •   Debris and leaf cleaning and disposal (using biodegradable bags).
  •   Digging and edging of garden beds and tree rings.
  •   Leaf and dust blowing of walkways, driveways, steps and patios.
  •   Blowing and sweeping of all hard surfaces.
  • (12 Monthly Payments)

Maintenance visits- Weekly visits between May 1 – October 31

  • Lawn cutting.
  • Lawn de-weeding. (optional)
  • Manual trimming of hard-to-reach places.
  • Regular hedge and shrubbery minor pruning and trimming.
  • Flower bed maintenance.
  • Lawn edging.
  • Flower bed edging and trenching.
  • Flower bed de-weeding.
  • Weed removal from all paved areas,
  • Leaf and debris removal from lawn and paved areas.
  • Sweeping and blowing of all paved surfaces.
  • Cleaning and tidying of area (including disposal of clippings, etc.)
  • Disease monitoring (trees, shrubs, lawn).
  • Insect infestation monitoring (trees, shrubs, lawns).

Fall clean up: 2 visits between November 1-30

  • Leaf picking and cleaning
  • Winterizing perennials by trimming them down.
  • Removal of annual flowers from garden beds.
  • Raking of flower beds and lawns.
  • Debris and leaf cleaning and disposal (using biodegradable bags).
  • Digging and edging of garden beds and tree rings.
  • Final cut and trim of lawn.
  • Wrapping trees for winter protection (optional)
  • Blowing and sweeping of all hard surfaces.)


leafsThe Good Neighbor Program:

Bring any of your neighbors to sign a contract with Greenbloom and receive 5 % off for your price and 5% off for your neighbors!!!  Get a further 5%

Discount for every neighbor up to 30% for an entire season (summer + Winter)!


rakeSpring clean-up special: Book a clean-up before March 15 and get 5 % discount of the total price before the taxes


silhouette8Aeration and seeding: Book aeration and seeding before march 25th and get 5% off both service!!!


mulchMulch and soil: Order 3 yards or more and get a free delivery


Call us today for a free estimate for spring summer Maintenance and get 5% off!!!