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Landscape Design

What pops to mind when you dream of your private paradise? Do you dream of flower combinations at the two sides of your flagstone path leading to the entrance of your home? Do you see tall green trees, hear waters running in a fountain and your family enjoying breakfast in a gazebo? It can all come true with the assistance of our experts at Greenbloom Landscaping Toronto. We have the Midas touch! We can transform your neglected garden into a heaven on earth! Just tell us what you want and we can design it for you!

Expert teams for landscaping design

Designing how your garden will look like is our specialty! We do have excellent landscaping contractors specializing in the design of gardens! We take into consideration your needs, work with you and come up with amazing ideas, which will not only transform your garden but also make your life at home convenient and easy. We consider the weather conditions in Toronto, the preferences of the client, the size of the property and proceed with the creation of the perfect outdoor environment that will bear the signature of your own style.

The 3 basic steps of the design process

  • Visiting your home

Taking into account the peculiarities of the property in Ontario is very important. Its size, current condition, natural flora and personal desires of the owner are extremely important. So, we visit your home to take measurements, check the present state of the garden, the position of the house and the views all around. It’s vital to know what we are dealing with in order to make the perfect design especially for you!

  • Let’s design your garden

Once we have the basic characteristics of your property, it’s time to discuss with you what you really want. We give you several options ourselves based on the size and specific features of your garden and we’ll certainly suggest solutions and ideas. Though, it’s significant to hear your own views and how you dream your garden!

  • We get to Work

Having in hand all the information we need, we go ahead with the design of your garden. With excellent technological infrastructures our designers at Greenbloom Landscaping Toronto will make the best of your garden!

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