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How To Build A Basic Stone Patio

A stone patio contributes a great deal to a yard by offering visitors an open and welcoming place to sit back and take in your garden. If you have been putting off a stone patio because you just don’t feel like you have the time then here’s a great option that’s quick, easy and economical.

IMG_4422-(Small)It almost seems a shame to invest so much time and money in your garden and landscaping and not have a place set aside to enjoy it all, especially when you consider how little time we have to actually enjoy it up here in Toronto. Stone patios are a fantastic, low-maintenance idea that contributes both to your yard and to the experience that it offers. Once you have constructed your patio, make sure to touch it up with some landscaping and add some garden furniture, a grill and perhaps even a pergola.

If you are looking to take on a stone patio as a DIY project then here is a very simple step-by-step instruction that will take you through each stage of the process:

  • Dig Out A Patio Bed : The first step in the process is to dig out a foundational bed for your stone patio. The depth of the bed should be anywhere from 20 cm to 30 cm depending upon the level of drainage offered by the soil under the patio.
  • Fill In The Bed With A Level Layer Of Sand : Once the patio bed has been dug out, it is time to fill in the area with a level layer of sand. We recommend using concrete sand because it offers better drainage and also compacts nicely.
  • Rake The Area : Go over the entire area with a rake.
  • Sort The Limestone : Make sure that when you purchase limestone that they are both of similar size and thickness. Begin to sort them and put together a plan on where you would like to place them.
  • Outline Placement In Sand : It is recommended that you grab a ruler and draw out an outline in the sand of where each stone is going to be placed. Make sure that stones’ corners are staggered so as to add stability to the structure of the patio.
  • Contour The Sand To Match The Bottom Of The Stones : In order to insure that the patio is flat, make sure to contour the sand under each stone to accommodate the various imperfections on the bottom side of the stone.
  • Lay The Stones : Lay each stone and put your weight down across each stone in order to establish that they are sturdy. Add sand as required until the stone rests firmly in position. As you add stones, make sure that you periodically put a level at different positions across stones to insure that the patio will be even.
  • Finish With Sand : Once all the stones are in position and the entire patio has been evenly laid, all that is left is to finish off with a little sand. Just sweep sand into all of the spaces between the stones and your patio is ready to be enjoyed.

If you are interested on taking a stone patio to a new level then give us a call. We will have one of our professional designers visit your home and help create the stone patio of your dreams.

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