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Lawn Maintenance Tips

Every year, homeowners all over the country get ready to try to create the perfect lawn. Everyone wants to get that perfect lush green and become the envy of every block. But getting a great lawn is difficult, and maintaining that lawn even more so. If you plan on taking on your own lawn maintenance this year, here are several tips towards getting that great lawn you’ve been looking for.

Lawn Maintenance Tips

  1. Keep Your Blades Sharp – One of the primary mistakes that homeowners make is mowing with a dull blade. Dull blades rip and tear at the grass. Not only will your lawn look worse without a clean cut, but blades of grass that are ripped instead of cut cleanly are also more prone to catching disease. If you want your lawn to look great, you need to make sure that your blades are sharp every time.
  2. Don’t Cut After Rain – When it rains in your area, you need to avoid cutting the grass. Wet grass doesn’t cut cleanly. The soil below the grass becomes mud, and the grass is more likely to be pulled out rather than smoothly cut. Rain also creates more waves in the ground, may cause you to cut closer to the root. It is also not good for your lawnmower. If your lawn is wet, avoid cutting it.
  3. Don’t Cut Too Deep – You don’t need to cut deeply to get full and lush grass. Each time you cut the blades of grass cleanly, they grow back slower and thicker, giving you the full color you need. If you cut too low, you may damage the grass and make it more prone to diseases. Cutting higher up on the blade and cutting more often are the best way to give your lawn a thick and rich appearance.
  4. Protect Your Lawn – If you spot any weeds and pests, you also need to combat them quickly. Lawn maintenance becomes considerably more difficult when you allow pests, disease, and weeds to roam free without taking action.
  5. Leave the Grass – Cut grass provides healthy nutrients for your lawn that allows the blades to thrive. There is no need to rake the grass after every cut. Let the blades sit, and your lawn will be looking healthy and fresh in no time.

Greenbloom Lawn Maintenance Services

If you cut your lawn often, sharpen your blades, and pay attention to special maintenance tips, you can have the fresh and healthy lawn you have always wanted. You can also call us at Greenbloom Landscaping, where we offer complete lawn maintenance packages at affordable prices. Call us today to learn more.

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