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Building a Wooden Fence

As Toronto’s leading landscaping company, we’re often called upon to build fences for clients all over the city. Building a fence involves a series of steps designed to ensure each fence is installed correctly and to prevent damage to the fence in the future. Each fence we build has its own specific dynamics, so the process involved with each project is carefully structured to meet your property’s needs. However, the basic steps towards developing a wooden fence include:

Planning Stage

The planning stage is arguably the most important stage in the building process. We work with you to try to match your specific construction desires, map out the area of your property that will include the fence, choose the materials and design, and so on. Planning each step ensures a smooth job that will ultimately match your vision. We’ll also make sure that you’re allowed to dig legally in each post hole location.


The next step is to start digging each of the post holes. Each one needs to be deep enough to successfully house the post. They need to be uniform in both length across and depth in order to ensure that each wood piece is placed in a location that will perfectly match other pieces. Measurement is very important here, as are the tools used to dig each section.

Placing the Posts

Different types of fences use different types of posts, so this process may change depending on the fence we’re installing, but generally we’ll place one post first and fill it with soil. From there, we’ll see how well it measures up to our expectations and how well the post settles inside of the dirt.

Placing Other Posts

We’ll then start placing other post holes. Each one we need to measure carefully throughout the process. Dirt settles, so upon placing the posts in your lawn, it’s possible that they move or shift. Each one will need to be filled with more soil until it’s perfectly level and in the location we want it.

Setting the Panel

Finally, we’ll attach the panels. Each panel is carefully nailed or screwed into the posts, and checked to make sure they will withstand the elements. We use only the longest lasting screws and bolts to ensure the long term success of the fences.

Depending on your fence choices, this process may change. Feel free and contact us to discuss the process for your own fence needs.