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Reasons for Tree Removal

Trees are one of the most important parts of a great landscape and one of the most common additions to larger properties. They’re also good for the environment and provide shade for you and your family whenever you need it.

But while trees have considerable value, there are times when you need to have your tree removed. Here are several possible reasons that clients look to Greenbloom Landscaping for tree removal services.

Why Remove Your Tree?

  • Diseased or Dying Tree – Any tree that’s dying, suffering from a disease, or otherwise has significant damage should probably be removed. These types of trees are not going to be a benefit for much longer, and could pose a risk to your home or landscape if they are allowed to stay.
  • Landscaping – While some trees can improve the beauty of your property, some trees are unsightly, and may prevent the aesthetics of your landscape from having their full effect. Removing them will allow the rest of your lawn, garden, and property to shine.
  • Risk to Home/Property – The location of a tree may pose a problem. If the tree is too close to your home, car, or other belongings, it may be a risk in the event of a storm, earthquake, or any other ‘rattling’ event. Large branches that fall naturally may also cause damage, and removing them is a good way to keep your property safe.

Trees and Greenbloom Landscaping

By calling Greenwood Landscaping, you can quickly have the tree taken out with no hassle, potentially reducing any risk of damage to you or your property, and otherwise allowing you to have the full and complete landscape you’ve always wanted.

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