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Building a Deck

Building a deck requires a great deal of skill, which is why so many of our Toronto customers turn to us for all of their deck construction needs. Each deck is completed using carefully executed steps meant to ensure that each deck can withhold a great deal of weight, withstand the elements, and provide you with the long lasting deck you’ve always desired.

Step 1: Supplies

The first step is to order all of the supplies. It’s important to have the building tools, wood/composite, and other deck materials already on hand to ensure proper planning. Without these tools, a deck may be left incomplete as a supply gets ordered. In order to complete any job efficiently, we make sure that all of our supplies are on hand before the project begins.

Step 2: Preparing the Land

Next, we measure the area that is going to house the deck, and start preparing the land. It’s very important to measure this accurately, as it helps the entire project run more smoothly and ensures that your deck is perfectly even. We remove grass, weeds, and dirt from the property and create the space that will ultimately house the deck.

Step 3: Installing the Support

The main deck needs to be properly supported for the deck to stand on its own. At this point the header board is likely to be installed on an attached deck, and on a floating deck the piers will be installed to keep the deck in place. It’s easier to support an attached deck, but the building materials of the home may affect the strength of the support, so measurements may be taken to ensure the wall of the home can withstand the weight of the attached deck.

Step 4: Building the Sides and Structure

At this point in the process, we’ll be starting to give the deck its structure. We’ll add the sides to any attached deck and start on the entire deck’s construction. Depending on the scope of the project, we may lay down concrete or otherwise prepare the land for the weight that may be on the deck. If you expect to have a pool or hot tub, we’ll figure out how to make room for electricity, water, etc. We’ll also measure the deck to make sure it’s even, so that your deck is not leaning on direction, and we’ll install additional support to help withstand the tests of time.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Finally, we’ll sand the wood if necessary, add paint or rain repellent, etc. – whatever the deck needs to shine. Soon you’ll be able to use your deck at your leisure, as a sturdy and well-built structure that should easily support any weight. If you want us to get started building your deck, give us a call today.