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Patio Design

A well-designed patio can add both character and value to your property. For those well-settled, a patio makes for a comfortable and enjoyable place to enjoy the summer sun. For those looking at moving on, a picturesque patio can be the feature that turns a potential buyer into an actual buyer.

designDesigning the Right Patio

It might sound simple but designing a patio that suits your garden or yard can be a tough task. From the very start of the design process there’s plenty to take into consideration, including how big the patio should be, what materials should be used, and what shape would best suit your garden.

If you have a relatively small garden there is little point constructing a large patio. Conversely, if you have a large garden, a small patio may look swamped. It’s vital to get the right size then. Likewise, choosing materials. Flagstone is a popular choice for patios but some people prefer the simplicity of colored concrete. Others prefer to use a variety of different stones to add uniqueness to the design. And shape is where it gets really difficult.

Incorporating Other Features

Many would-be patio designers try to be a little too ambitious with their plans. Some try to incorporate a host of different features into their patio, including built-in steps, decking, water features, and pergolas. While any of these will potentially work with your patio, it’s worth considering that less is sometimes more. You want the patio itself to standout after all.

If you’re considering constructing a patio in your backyard or garden, contact Greenbloom Landscaping. Our experts will help guide you through the various intricacies involved with the initial design process as well as provide a professional and affordable service should you wish for us to build the patio itself.


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