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Have you ever thought of the importance of soil in gardening? Flowers need good conditions to grow and often the quality of soil is the major problem for most homeowners, who see their plants slowly die. Leave your garden to the landscaping Toronto experts! We know everything there is to know about soils and which one is proper for our specific landscape design.

The point is to use the best organic soil, which will allow sun and moisture penetration and thus flower thriving. Soils are identified by their particles and usually contain a large percentage of clay and sand. Depending on the percentage of these particles, the quality of soils will differ. Our company uses the best ones with minerals that will allow drainage and nutrients to support the life of the plants.



Formulated for optimum root growth with a mix of compost, old bark, peat, sand and top soil. Balanced for ph. Water stocking capacity and air plow

2Triple mix

Excellent bland of sandy loam, mushroom compost, peat and composted pine mulch. Medium density soil great for garden beds planting and topping.Rich dark beautiful mix.

3Top dressing

Fine rich blend of sandy loam, compost and old bark fines. Great for topdressing a lawn whenover seeding.


Compost is derived from leaf, horse manure, sand and top soil. great for soil amendments and top up of garden beds

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