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Monthly Archives: February 2017

How to Keep Commercial Properties Safe with Winter Landscaping Services

winterWhat happens when it snows in Toronto? Pathways become slippery, parking lots and driveways turn into ice skating arenas, and heavy snow storms block entrances. And the worse news is that the weather forecast won’t change till spring. So, what should commercial property owners do? Shut their businesses till the sun comes out? Of course not! Plants, stores, malls, industries, and any other company keeps the business running as always. The difference is that you – as the owner of the commercial property – must take some action with winter landscaping services. The last thing you want is to deal with injuries at your premises or see your business slowing down. Since you can’t do anything about the weather, get ready to do something about your property. Continue reading

5 Common Landscaping Errors We All Do during the Winter

Garden-in-WinterAs humans, we are allowed to make mistakes. Since we are not landscaping maintenance experts, we will certainly do many things wrong when it comes to our garden. No wonder why most people would hire a professional landscaping company to do all the work for them! And that’s because our mistakes will kill our gardens. Still wondering why your neighbor has such a lovely garden in the spring while you are still struggling to learn whether to plant roses or iris! Continue reading