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Why Leaf Cleanup Is Essential

leaf spring cleanupDon’t you just love the golden brown colors of fall! As the green tree leaves slowly turn red, orange, and yellow, the garden is preparing for its seasonal transformation. And so should you! Tree leaves fall! And they will continue to fall till the branches are completely naked and the first heavy winter days will arrive. But fallen trees can cause serious lawn problems. And that’s why fall garden cleanup is so essential.


The importance of leaf cleanup

Leaf cleanup is not important for aesthetic reasons. As a matter of fact, their red-yellowish color will look good for as long as it lasts on your lawn too. Fall lawn care services are important for lawn health reasons. If you don’t remove the fallen tree leaves, the lawn will die.

Let’s explain why. Although the garden takes a long nap during the winter time, photosynthesis doesn’t stop. A word adopted by the Greek vocabulary, photosynthesis means putting together solar energy to transform it into chemical energy. Plants use or store energy to turn water and carbon dioxide into carbohydrate molecules. Simply put, it is a biological process during which plants use natural light to create nutrients, which they store to use later.

Consequences when leaves are not removed

Fall Clean UpSo when leaves are left on the lawn, they will keep the sun from penetrating the grass. They will actually suffocate the lawn since the leaves will form a thick blanket over the grass blocking the sun light, water, and other nutrients from entering the earth. So instead of the lawn getting ready to flourish once more in the spring, it will die.

And that’s not the only problem. Fallen leaves will not only deprive lawn from oxygen, but will also cause diseases. They will attract moisture and eventually rot creating fungus diseases to the lawn.


Keep or toss the fallen leaves?

Keep them. They might be bad for your lawn but they are a gold source of nutrition to the soil. So keep the tree leaves to create mulch for other parts of the garden. Mulch serves as a fertilizer. But pay attention: the tree leaves shouldn’t be completely rotten. In this case, they might have already been infested by mold and you will risk contaminating other parts of the yard too.

A few useful tips for leaf cleanup

1. If you don’t need mulch now, bag it for next year.

2. Don’t wait till all tree leaves are fallen before leaf removal. It’s best to clean up the yard once a week.

3. Don’t let leaves decompose before yard cleanup to avoid diseases.

4. Put collected leaves in bags to compost. They make an excellent organic matter for proper garden maintenance.

Don’t forget that seasonal garden cleanup is extremely important. Failure to collect leaves at the right time will only bring more headaches in the near future. With leaf cleanup, you are helping your garden to breath, prepare for the next season, and never get sick. And a healthy lawn is a good looking lawn!