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How to Keep Commercial Properties Safe with Winter Landscaping Services

winterWhat happens when it snows in Toronto? Pathways become slippery, parking lots and driveways turn into ice skating arenas, and heavy snow storms block entrances. And the worse news is that the weather forecast won’t change till spring. So, what should commercial property owners do? Shut their businesses till the sun comes out? Of course not! Plants, stores, malls, industries, and any other company keeps the business running as always. The difference is that you – as the owner of the commercial property – must take some action with winter landscaping services. The last thing you want is to deal with injuries at your premises or see your business slowing down. Since you can’t do anything about the weather, get ready to do something about your property. Continue reading

5 Common Landscaping Errors We All Do during the Winter

Garden-in-WinterAs humans, we are allowed to make mistakes. Since we are not landscaping maintenance experts, we will certainly do many things wrong when it comes to our garden. No wonder why most people would hire a professional landscaping company to do all the work for them! And that’s because our mistakes will kill our gardens. Still wondering why your neighbor has such a lovely garden in the spring while you are still struggling to learn whether to plant roses or iris! Continue reading

How to Maintain Your Garden in the Winter

lawn-flowerThere is something poetic about nature! And it’s not just the colorful flowers and the green valleys which bring elegance in the world. Look at your back yard! It is ready to respond to all weather conditions with one exception. There are plants that are able to withstand hot climates and others which can flourish during the winter. But when the freezing Toronto days arrive and the garden is covered by the white beautiful blanket of snow, you keep wondering how to take care of your private landscaping in Toronto. Continue reading

Toronto Snow Has Its Advantages Too

powder-snowWinter arrived late this year. Some almost believed that we’d go from a mild September to a blooming May, but that’s hardly the case when we talk about Toronto winters. After all, snow and Toronto go way back. There is an average of 47.8 inches snowfall every year in Toronto with January being the whitest month of the year. The first snowflakes fall around November, but they can come as early as October. Continue reading

Why Leaf Cleanup Is Essential

leaf spring cleanupDon’t you just love the golden brown colors of fall! As the green tree leaves slowly turn red, orange, and yellow, the garden is preparing for its seasonal transformation. And so should you! Tree leaves fall! And they will continue to fall till the branches are completely naked and the first heavy winter days will arrive. But fallen trees can cause serious lawn problems. And that’s why fall garden cleanup is so essential. Continue reading

Prepare Your Landscape for Winter

check the treesDuring the golden fall season, the last tree leaves fall and your garden is getting ready to go to sleep. But watch out! Just because it’s not flourished like in spring time, it doesn’t mean that it should be neglected. In fact, you have two things to do before the white flakes land in your back yard. You have to take steps to protect your landscape from the harsh winter temperatures but also prepare it for the next blooming season. And so what you need is gardening services!

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How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

hand on graassPart of your landscaping maintenance requirements is to take care of the lawn. Mowing it alone doesn’t say much. Your lawn must be fertilized and watered, checked and taken care of or it will die. Even if your obsession to create the best backyard in the neighborhood has subsided, it’s a pity to see your efforts go in vain in a heartbeat. Continue reading

5 Landscaping Rules You Must Follow

landscapeMaking mass landscaping Toronto plans would be a disaster. Each garden in town is unique and too personal for owners to follow one single landscape architectural plan. There are conventional and modern ideas on how to transform a garden, but following one structure will simply kill any creativity hidden in your mind. Simply put, there is no such thing as one-landscape-design-fits-all. At the end of the day, you must only follow your heart without disregarding the needs of your own garden. Continue reading


Proper Landscaping Will Help You Enjoy the Summer

summerDesigning home landscaping is certainly not easy, but it is worthwhile to devote some time to study every corner of your garden so that you can take smart decisions. Planting a tree here and a shrub there is not actually the solution. You need to think things through and the contractors of our Landscaping in Toronto can certainly be of great assistance. It’s nice having some woodwork done in the yard and it’s wonderful using natural stone for the pathways but the right choice of materials will save you from suffering during the summer.

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