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How to Keep Commercial Properties Safe with Winter Landscaping Services

winterWhat happens when it snows in Toronto? Pathways become slippery, parking lots and driveways turn into ice skating arenas, and heavy snow storms block entrances. And the worse news is that the weather forecast won’t change till spring. So, what should commercial property owners do? Shut their businesses till the sun comes out? Of course not! Plants, stores, malls, industries, and any other company keeps the business running as always. The difference is that you – as the owner of the commercial property – must take some action with winter landscaping services. The last thing you want is to deal with injuries at your premises or see your business slowing down. Since you can’t do anything about the weather, get ready to do something about your property.

Make sure drivers have control over their car

snow shovelingParking lots, main entrances, turns, sideways and driveways must all be cleaned.
The first step is snow removal. You cannot expect your visitors or employees to drive through snowy driveways! It’s also important to make sure the shoveled snow doesn’t block any other entrance or become a threat to anyone’s safety!

But what’s even more important is to create the ideal non-slippery conditions on any roadway at your property. Take ramps for example. They can become extremely dangerous if melting ice flows down the ramps. This happens when the weather gets better during noon hours. But as times goes by and temperatures drop again, melting snow turns into ice and thus becomes slippery. To avoid complaints from your customers and ensure all cars drive in and out of your property safely, you need de-icing services.

Do pedestrians dance their way into your property?

Pedestrian pathways also require proper snow cleanup. But try to think out of the box. Although most people – clients or workers – would only walk on the main pathways, some might also use shortcuts. They might need to cross remote areas to get to their car at the parking lot. In other words, all walking parts of your property must be well cleaned from snow and especially ice.

Salting is a good idea to melt ice. But it will depend on the temperatures. Sometimes, it’s more useful to spread sand instead to ensure traction. No matter which deicer your snow removal contractor will use, it’s important to plan the service ahead to ensure all pedestrians visiting and working at your company come and go with safety.

What hangs over your head is not a mistletoe

When you think about winter landscaping services, your mind most likely goes to clearing all pathways and driveways. But there is another surface to clean too. Look up! When the snow turns into ice, ice dams are formed. And ice dams can be very dangerous. Even accumulated snow on the rooftop can be dangerous if they blow on pathways let alone sharp ice dams. And not only will they cause accidents should they fall, but they might also cause water leakage inside the building should the temperatures rise.

Whether to avoid property damage or prevent slip-and-fall accidents, you have some good reasons for planning winter landscaping services this season.

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