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How to Remove Snow from the Garden

snow removalWhen the temperatures drop below zero and a white blanket covers your garden, you’ve got work to do. This peaceful, picturesque sight of your garden looks good from the window and when you are close to the fireplace but it can be a safety hazard when you exit the house. Snow must not only be removed from the pathways and driveway for safety reasons but also from the garden.

Tree branches look wonderful with a thick layer of snow but the branch can easily break and cause accidents. As a matter of fact, snow is harmless as long as it is soft. When it turns to ice, problems become worse. The plants will freeze and the icy snow will become dangerous. So, Greenbloom Landscaping Toronto suggests snow removal.

Useful tips for snow removal

snow shovelingYour first priority is to remove snow from the driveway and the walkways in order to avoid injuries or car accidents. It’s best to shovel snow at the two edges of the pathways and drop some salt to avoid slippery grounds. On the other hand, salt is not good for the plants and lawn. The smart thing is to remove gently the snow off the plants and tree sticks before it accumulates or becomes ice. It will be easier and you won’t be in any danger from slippery ice. Use a broom to remove the snow from the trees and avoid shaking the branches. If they are weak, they might break. Still, avoid standing under the branch just to have peace of mind.

Snow removal Toronto needs continuous attention since snow accumulates fast when these snowing days never seem to end. The best chance to remove the snow properly is to do the job often but remember to step on snowy lawns as little as possible. The lawn suffers enough as it is and it is very sensitive to possible fungal diseases. If you avoid stepping on it, the snow will remain soft and won’t hurt lawn as much. It will also melt faster. It’s also important to clean the roof from snow. It won’t only minimize home insulation but it can also fall on you or your shrubs and ruin them. So, it’s always best to take care of snow from the tallest parts of the house and move your way down. Remember that nature has a way of being reborn and you can help your small green land in your garden from the fury of the winter by removing soft snow regularly.