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The Importance of Landscaping Before Winter Comes

Importance of Landscaping Before Winter Comes When the sun starts hiding away and the first cold fall days make their appearance, we suddenly forget about landscaping maintenance. We actually disregard its importance for our garden throughout the difficult winter months and we often let our plants die. Though, we don’t stop wondering why we have to start caring for the lawn all over again in the spring.

With good care and smart moves, you can help your green garden stay healthy under the snow and have the perspective of blooming again sometime soon.

Feed your garden to help it survive through winter


lawn fertilizeYour garden is alive. It needs food and water just like you. Although regions with heavy winters will moisture the plants, in areas with less snow plants will still need watering. It’s also important to fertilize the lawn before the winter comes. It will make the roots stronger and all plants will have greater strengths and a chance of survival under the snow. Fertilizers will also help them flourish once more in the spring. Lawn care and maintenance during the fall is extremely vital. In fact, it’s good to mow the lawn as short as possible when preparing it to welcome the winter. It will help it breathe better and avoid snow mold diseases.

It’s also crucial to check the trees and their branches. See if some of them are weak or ready to break. They can be a threat to your safety when snow will start accumulating on them. When the last yellow leaves fall, prune the trees to ensure its health and your safety. Protect plants and shrubs from cold weather and snow by wrapping them gently with a burlap material, which will allow them to breathe and still avoid direct contact with the snow. Avoid using plastic or the plants will suffocate.

check the treesIt’s a good idea to clean well the garden especially when fall comes to its end. When the whole garden is properly treated with fertilizers, covers and good property lawn maintenance, it will be ready to withstand the low temperatures during winter without dying. Removing debris, dead grass and falling tree leaves will help the lawn to survive without diseases and will help air circulating better. Lawn aeration will keep the grass healthy. These are all important steps according to Greenbloom Landscaping, which is always available for assistance and services. The condition of your garden in the spring will be a reflection of your efforts in the previous fall. So, make these efforts worthwhile!