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What Woodwork Can Be Done In Your Garden?

wood workWhen the garden is dressed in wood, elegance prevails! Natural materials blend beautifully with the green parts of the garden and won’t only create marvelous sceneries but they will also bring convenience. Those who are lucky enough to have plenty of space, the choices of woodwork are plenty. Though, those of you with smaller gardens shouldn’t get disappointed. There are extraordinary ideas on how to turn a small space into a fantastic, comfortable area where you can relax and enjoy your day.

The designers of Greenbloom Landscaping can come up with some of the most original ideas for the construction of the whole garden and there is always room for woodwork, which will really make a wonderful difference!

Do you want a Toronto fence made of wood?

The secret is to think of your needs first. A beautiful garden must not only look good but have sufficient space for you to sit, walkways and corners that will point out your personal touch. Of course, the most common use of wood is for the construction of fences. That is an excellent idea and will surely add value to your property. Though, what about a private fence within the garden for your secret corners! With such fences you can separate the space for different activities. For example, if you also have a vegetable garden or a place where the kids play, you could build a nice wood fence to keep privacy in both sides.

Wood can be used for several applications. You can cover the patio floor with wood, build chairs, benches and tables or the dog house. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice bench under your tall tree where you can read your book or enjoy your children play? Dress the staircases with wood and build tall beds and boxes where you can grow colorful flowers. The best way to achieve the best in your effort to create a nice atmosphere is to do woodwork you really need and don’t overdo it. It’s nice to blend the green with wood but you don’t want to suffocate the garden. You just want cosy corners and woodwork that will serve your needs and beautify the space rather than asphyxiate it.

Make smart choices

It’s also wise to keep the same shade of wood for all applications in the garden. The result will be smoother in the eye and not tiring. It’s also prudent to take good measurements and make sure all work is done in the yard in accordance with its space. If the space is limited and small, don’t build huge benches. If the space is big, don’t get carried away and fill the place. Take also into consideration the shape of the property. Square spaces are easier to handle than long and narrow rectangular ones. Don’t hesitate to ask the opinion of our landscape design Toronto specialists. A professional view can really be helpful!