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5 Landscaping Rules You Must Follow

landscapeMaking mass landscaping Toronto plans would be a disaster. Each garden in town is unique and too personal for owners to follow one single landscape architectural plan. There are conventional and modern ideas on how to transform a garden, but following one structure will simply kill any creativity hidden in your mind. Simply put, there is no such thing as one-landscape-design-fits-all. At the end of the day, you must only follow your heart without disregarding the needs of your own garden. The only rules you ought to follow are associated with the local environment and the requirements of your land keeping in mind that everything – from plants to soils and climates – is different.

When you hire landscaping contractors, all you want is to see your garden blooming and remaining beautiful and neat. In order to do that you must listen to reason and simply follow some basic rules inspired by your own garden.

1.  Landscape designs tailored to your yard

You must have the same space with the neighbor, but you both use the garden in a different way. You might need more space to build a patio and your neighbor might just need more lawn space. So focus on your needs, your space, your yard. Is it a backyard or front yard? Don’t forget to take into consideration practical needs, like keeping some space to put a table and some chairs. Landscaping might as well include some stonework and some woodwork. Your house and yard are not two separate things. They must complement each other. So plan landscaping architecture by keeping your mind on the materials, style and colors of the house too.

2.  Plan today thinking of the future

green-plantsWe often make the mistake to make landscaping plans without thinking of the near future. If you have a toddler that will soon run in your backyard fields, you should include it in your plans. If you are retiring soon and plan to spend time outdoors, invest in larger sitting areas protected by trees. Create walkways through the shrubs and bushes by using stones. Blending several natural elements in one environment makes the place practical and inviting both today and tomorrow.


3.  Gardening never ends

Landscaping maintenance is the golden rule. Even evergreen plants need some treatments. Perennials might need to be cleaned, divided and replanted. The lawn must be checked and properly treated by expert landscaping contractors. Your land has plenty of enemies. From snow accumulation and freezing cold to weeds, your garden need seasonal maintenance to keep healthy and dazzling.

4.  Stick with native plants

awesome-flowerIt’s wise to plant native trees, flowers and shrubs and at the right time. You can’t just plant anything any time you feel like. And for that you will definitely need the help of a landscaping Toronto expert who will tell you which plants can survive the harsh local winters and which flowers to plant in the spring or fall. By planting native species, you are sure they will last longer with the right maintenance. There is a reason they are called native. They can flourish and survive in the local climate. This means that you don’t have to do many things to keep them alive and will also enhance the local biodiversity which keeps the environment healthy.

5.  Invest in proper planting

The secret of good gardening is not only which flowers and plants to buy but also which soils and treatments to use. It’s best to invest in the soil than the plant because if the soil lacks the necessary qualities and nutrients, plants won’t grow anyway.