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How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

hand on graassPart of your landscaping maintenance requirements is to take care of the lawn. Mowing it alone doesn’t say much. Your lawn must be fertilized and watered, checked and taken care of or it will die. Even if your obsession to create the best backyard in the neighborhood has subsided, it’s a pity to see your efforts go in vain in a heartbeat. It only takes a few chilly days and lack of weed control to see the catastrophic results in your garden. You wouldn’t like that, would you? The best way to keep your lawn healthy is to take care of it every season and prepare it for the next one with the proper treatments. With the proper lawn maintenance Toronto services, your lawn will even manage to survive under the thick snow layers during the winter. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Rule number one: Prepare your lawn for winter

lawn mowingIf you don’t prepare the lawn for winter, it will die. The problem is that it will get sick and transfer its disease to other plants. One of the first things you should do before the freezing Toronto days arrive is mowing. If your grass is long, it will bend under the pressure of moisture and snow and will get infected by mold, which might easily spread to the rest of the garden. And lawn mowing is not the only thing you should do before winter. There are many more tasks which are necessary throughout the seasons but especially before the cold, white days make their appearance.

Your lawn needs extra good care year round

  1. Clean it up: If you cannot reach all areas with the mowing machine, trim grasslawn-flower at the corners and around trees. You should also clean the lawn from dog waste. Pet urine contains acid which will damage lawn. So clean waste up and water the area.
  2. Rake debris and elements: Leaves fall from the trees and debris is unavoidable especially during windy days. You should rake them so that your lawn will get   enough sun and air and won’t get infected by diseases.
  3. Lawn aeration: This is making small holes on the ground so that your lawn will get sufficient amounts of water, air and nutrients through fertilizers.
  4. Compost keeps lawn healthy: It’s best to apply compost right after aeration since it will help lawn to retain moisture and absorb nutrients.
  5. Remove weeds: Part of the lawn maintenance Toronto task is to remove weeds, especially before winter arrives. You can also use weed killers so that weeds won’t damage your lawn.
  6. Fertilize your lawn: Fertilizers give lawn the nutrients it needs in order to grow and remain strong. Lawn needs good fertilizers before winter in order for its roots to remain strong for the spring. But beware that there are many types of fertilizers and  you should check with your local lawn maintenance Toronto experts which ones are   proper for your land and for the local climate.
  7. Watering: Since it snows in Toronto, you might not need to water the lawn during the winter. But watering is very important during the other three seasons since it needs moisture.

With proper lawn and landscaping maintenance year round, you prevent diseases, keep your lawn healthy, deal with fewer problems and protect your private environment from the winter cold. Isn’t it worth the effort?