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Prepare Your Landscape for Winter

check the treesDuring the golden fall season, the last tree leaves fall and your garden is getting ready to go to sleep. But watch out! Just because it’s not flourished like in spring time, it doesn’t mean that it should be neglected. In fact, you have two things to do before the white flakes land in your back yard. You have to take steps to protect your landscape from the harsh winter temperatures but also prepare it for the next blooming season. And so what you need is gardening services!

7 ways to prepare your garden for dormancy

· Garden cleanup

MaintenancePick up sticks, dirt, fallen leaves, and dead plants. Yard cleanup is essential before it is put to sleep. It will allow the earth to get proper amounts of oxygen and not suffocate during the winter. Garden maintenance during the fall will also set the grounds for the following tasks, which will help your landscape prepare for spring during dormancy.



· Mulching

mulchCollecting the fallen tree leaves is annoying. But they will create excellent mulch. You can use the lawnmower for mulching leaves. Why is mulch important? By placing it in your flower beds, you actually offer them great nutrients because mulch is organic matter. And you also insulate them and thus offering them protection from the cold winter days.



· Aeration

Lawn maintenance is important. Once it’s cleaned, it must be aerated. That’s actually the process of opening tiny holes to enable the ground to get more water, oxygen, sun, and nutrients.

· Over seeding

seadingIt’s important to seed at least six weeks before the temperatures get really low. Over seeding will keep your grass green. It actually enables lawn to grow strong roots in order to go through the winter. If you don’t seed in time or cold comes earlier, the lawn won’t have time to grow strong roots.




· Trimming

Trim large tree branches to avoid accidents during the winter. Dying branches must be trimmed too. All sick bushes and trees must be trimmed so the disease won’t spread and they will remain healthy.

· Fertilization

Fertilizing is one of the most important and difficult garden services. It’s vital to fertilize at the right time and use the right fertilizers depending on your soil. The ingredients contained in fertilizers vary in regards to the season too. That’s why it requires attention. Pre-winter fertilizers should include more potassium than nitrogen in order to keep the roots strong during the winter rather than boosting their growth.

· Cut back the perennials

awesome-flowerYou need to cut back the perennials to help them survive during the winter months. It’s best cutting their stem about two inches from the ground. And it’s always helpful to put mulch in the beds to protect them from freezing.




Fall property maintenance is crucial. It must be done at the right time and it includes several tasks. It might sound tiring but that’s the only way to keep a healthy landscape and see it grow and remain strong even during the difficult winter months! So don’t give the efforts so that your garden won’t give up on you!